ISA-SIDELINE: Melbourne’s ‘Deep Clean’ COVID team

ISA-SIDELINE is recognised as one of Melbourne’s COVID-19 clean up teams. This dedicated group includes several international students who have been saved from unemployment. Together they work and risk their health to help to protect the wider community against the spread of the coronavirus.

Gina Estocado

It all started in early 2019, Gina Estocado, a Filipino international student and entrepreneur from Philippines was looking for ways to earn a living here in Melbourne. She was able to connect with other Filipinos in Melbourne, and she soon realised that she could help other international students do the same thing. Gina began to train them, so they too could earn a living and not struggle while in Australia. She needed support and asked a friend, Jun Alaan to helped grow a team and assist more students. From there, the ‘Sideline Cleaning’ business was born!

The hardworking Isa-Sideline Cleaning team

Joining the fight against an invisible enemy

Mikhael Espiga – Co-director Isa-Sideline Cleaning
Jun Alaan – Codirector Isa-Sideline Cleaning

In late April this year during the first wave of the coronavirus in Melbourne, Jun Alaan and Mikhael Espiga partnered up together to conduct research and product development to take the business to the next level, with an aim to help the fight against COVID-19.

They met up and started planning their strategies and plans, and they completed research for all the requirements in disinfecting, standardised their processes, investigated the equipment needed to invest in, and conducted product testing for efficacy.

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