Now with over 4000+ CASES

Now with four thousand plus ACTIVE cases and growing, this highly contagious nature of the viral agent, it is essential you get prepared, whether you are seeking to protect your family or your business. You might want to be prepared if your site becomes infected after an employee or someone you know has shown signs of the infection.

Coronavirus Decontamination & Infectious Diseases. Get Professional and specialised virus and bacterial infection decontamination services across Melbourne City.

The term biohazard refers to any biological materials including microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, plants, animals, or their by-products that pose a threat to the health. Body tissue and bodily fluids are considered a biohazard contamination requiring clean up. Whenever a person coughs, sneezes or touches another person, or touches a surface with the virus on it and bring it to their eyes, mouth or nose, biological agents such as bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus spreads from person to person. When the virus is present on a surface, it requires immediate cleaning with specific chemicals and administrated by professionals, and often entire rooms and areas have to be deep cleaned & fogged to Sanitise and Disinfect the Air and Surface.

Our “IPC” – Infection Prevention Control package is created to Protect your Family at home and Staff at work. We can do a once off or on a more regular cleaning & Disinfecting to decontaminate the air and surface.
Get in touch with us today in order to get a quote for “IPC” of your Home or Workplace.

We use up to 4 Different Methods to fight against and kill 99.99% of Viruses. We’ll examine potential contaminated areas and do a Before and After analysis to show you the Result of our decontamination process, using the best Hygiene swab testing kit for surface, to make sure it’s been decontaminated for your peace of mind.

We’ll also save you the stress, time and effort by providing you an extensive customised “Clean Up” Report with our step by step process breakdown from start to finish.
You will be required to submit this to DHHS – Department Of Health & Human Services and Work Safe Victoria as part of your reporting if someone from work or home has been tested positive to ensure you are compliant with the Deep Clean requirements.

Don’t Wait! Prevention is the key during this very challenging time.
We are your Sideline Team for Efficient – Emergency Response.

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